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It all started when...

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In Search of Beauty refers to a long term project that reflects our commitment to the arts in general, and the creative industry as a whole, by finding the beautiful in our lived environment. While the definition of beauty will always remain subjective, the common definition is a person, place, object, or experience which obtains the perception of balance and harmony with its surroundings. 

As a scholar of Aesthetics,  Jennifer finds it easy to become lost in the various text book definitions of “beautiful”, and how it seems at odds with the social and political environment of the last few years. She has travelled the world and inherently knows that most people are genuinely good, that most places have an element of beauty, and many experiences can result in beauty, given the right perspective. Unfortunately, the silver lining has been lost in the majority of our social media exchanges, news media productions, and even in some of our personal relationships. The tipping point came when she realized that fear and disappointment was growing in her 11 year-old son as he scanned newspapers for a current events assignment, which led to a discussion on how we can make a make a positive impact on the barrage of information and images we digest. The mother-son duo decided to seek out people who are doing beautiful things in their community, art and architecture created for the sake of beauty, and places on earth that could only be defined as sublime. 

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We believe that beauty is everywhere.  By starting in our own community and then working our way around the world, we hope to be a point of inspiration, positivity, and delight